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Be Prophet.

Be Lord Siva.

Celebrate Mahasivrathri.

Be blessing by the empowering grace of higher consciousness.

Time Vortex: Jouney begins on Jan 30th (Full Moon) and like the moon waning to be the New Moon, as Spirit, Mahasivrathri 2010 is on Feb 12th- to celebrate the Eternal Yogi we are.


Aum Namah Sivaya

Divine One,

Every once a year, a single most important vortex of time unfolds for humanity. Based on the moon calendar, every lunar cycle holds one day the most sacred. Likewise, once a year, the most sacred day of the year unfolds as Mahasivrathri. This year, 2010, the period begins on the coming Full Moon of Jan 30th and each day, the journey cumulates until Feb 12th, Mahasivrathri.

The objective of doing yoga is found in Mahasivrathri as observance, experience and its celebration. The celebration of MahaSivrathri is the state of higher consciousness- Turiya. The turiya state is achieving the state of sleepless sleep above the mind's rooftop to be the Spirit experience human reality- and Mahasivrathri is celebrating the Spirit by being Lord Siva ourselves. Lord Siva's empowered name is the Yogi.

The Full Moon of Jan 30th is potent as it holds the time dimension when transformation from body to light has been accomplished by our Siddhar Gurus. We utilize this moment to take our 'plunge'.

Preparing for Mahasivrathri in a yogic manner:

Mark Jan 30th, the Full Moon preceding Mahasivrathri as the day to start observing Mahasivrathri. Meditate with the intent and prayer to be guided through this inner journey to be Self.

Our journey from Jan 30th until Feb 12th of Mahasivrathri is to be the experience of Spirit. We turn our mind inward and gradually shift our consciousness from the body into the soul. As the moon wanes and dissolves, we dissolve our ego states of 'me', 'mine' and 'i' into the higher consciousness of oneness of that of Lord Siva.

It is our inner journey of meditation, puja, fasting and silence. We take this moment of time to rejuvenate. We reduce our daily intake to fruits, nuts and juice diet. Slowly, we reduce food, sleep and all external activities. It is important to be kind and gentle (ahimsa) to our body & mind, i.e, not be hungry when we fast and not force ourselves. We follow a natural rhythm to being the Spirit as body consciousness and the mind gently dissolves.

Due to the lunar cycle of this period, it is normal for humanity to experience turbulence and upheavals just before Mahasivrathri. The mind readily plunges within when ever there is hardship in our external realities. After Mahasivrathri is observed and complete, it is normal to witness a huge blessing or blessings in our external reality and a calm that prepares us for life ahead, much like a rebirth.

Light a lamp at least once a day and meditate, chant and pray. If this is not possible, still the mind and visualize the lamp within and experience Source as the joys within the stillness of a mind without thoughts. The stillness of mind is Lord Siva, the experience of being the Self, the soul.

Pilgrimages to sacred places, meeting divine beings and especially, being in the company of spirit friends helps during this period to keep the mind inward and awake in bhakti.

Do dharma. The empowering form of dharma is to feed the hungry while we are fasting and in satisfying others hunger, we are divinely fed with the subtle energy of Source. Dharma done during this sacred period magnifies. Dharma done in random kindness going beyond our own suffering and discomfort enables connect to Oneness energy that is the essence of Source.

Climb within each day and go further beyond the mind into the vibrant light within! Lift our consciousness from the muladhara chakra (root chakra) above to the Guru chakra (above the navel). We transcend the body consciousness of heat and cold, hunger etc through the shift in our consciousness.

Climb above to the third eye and watch the vibrant light of the mantra dance. In bringing this light in the third eye to stillness, the mind transcends to the mindless realm of joy that Sages call, the sleepless sleep, turiya.

On the day/night of Mahasivrathri, be the pillar of light, Lord Siva. Awaken to be Lord Siva- with your mind bathing in the Light that holds the grace of higher consciousness.

May humanity arise in the awake consciousness of wisdom that enables each of us to be the prophets and masters of higher consciousness.

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