Ultimate Secret for Success
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Power Seminar and Workshop in Singapore   

"There is SECRET MIND SYSTEM that gives you the POWER TO CHANGE
your life, to MANIFEST in your life all of the things you truly desire.
Wealth, Happiness, Love, Health, Power, Prestige
- whatever you want!

And I'm going to expose it ..."

Key for Changes is in
your Mind. Wise will
find the key first.

Rajan Sharma

"The secret information I am going to share with you in my workshop is going to change your
   life FOREVER"   ........... Dr Rajan Sharma

Hidden Success Secrets of the

Super Achievers Revealed!

Have you ever noticed how some people seem to glide through life effortlessly?
Perhaps you know someone - or know of someone - who 'has life by the tail'. You know the type. I'm talking about those people who always seem so lucky, living the 'good life' without a care in the world. It's as if everything they ever want is just handed to them on a silver platter.

Well, I have discovered something amazing about these people...

Without fail, every ultra-wealthy and ultra-successful person uses Mind secret system for manifesting into their lives all that they desire - even though they may not be aware they are using it naturally!

These are the people who we typically admire - or even envy.

They have tons of friends, great relationships, a 'showplace' home (maybe even more than one), beautiful luxury cars, and all the money they ever need. They're always off on some fantastic new adventure, contributing to their favorite charities, traveling the world like a great explorer.

For these people, life is a thrilling joyride, and they radiate happiness and a zest for life.

Wondered why things always seem to go right for these so-called "lucky" people.

Now, I know why...

Do you know why most of us can never seem to catch a break?

I know why...


Rajan Sharma

You may have suspected that there was a secret. The very wealthy and successful have known this secret for many hundreds of years. Some of them may not even realize that they know this secret, because they were taught it when they were very young and internalized it as a part of them. But without fail, every ultra-wealthy and ultra-successful person uses this secret system to manifest all that they desire.

They know the secret.

Most people don't.

How would you like to be one of those so-called "lucky" people?

Do you want to know the secret?

What if I told you that you have within you RIGHT NOW

The ability to virtually 'think' the life you want into being - to get everything you want RIGHT NOW? I'm going to show you how to do it in my workshop.

"The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation."
- Henry David Thoreau

Does this sound like you?

"Within each one of us lies a sleeping 'genie' that, once awakened, can and will grant our every wish!"

You were born into this world with the Divine right to live out the life of your dreams!

You may have tried all kinds of systems. Maybe you've even been to many Workshops, read all kinds of self Help books and tried all kinds of chanting and affirmations - all kinds of methods ..and you're still in the same place you always were!

You may have even blamed yourself because all those things you tried didn't work for you. IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT! All the while you were searching for 'the answer,' the secret actually lay deep within you, just waiting for you to learn how to awaken it to fulfill all your desires. This secret system will show you how.

If you could do or have ANYTHING you wanted, with no limitations...

... and if you knew with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that you could not fail...

... what would you do?


Think about it.

Really think about it...


Anything at all...

About the Facilitator

Dr Rajan Sharma is the facilitator of this Workshop. For more than 10 years he is involved in Motivational Seminars and has facilitated more than hundred seminars. His popular seminar series are MONEY ENERGY, MEDITATION, ART OF SELF HEALING, and STRESS MANAGEMENT.

Dr Sharma is also an internationally recognized Astrologer and is the President of Singapore Chapter of International Institute of Predictive Astrology

Your Life is About To Change Forever.

Discover the secrets used by the successful people for many hundreds of years.
Secrets to bring all your desires into physical reality.

You'll discover :

• Instant Winning Secrets
• Pushing back Problem Generators
• Why your positive Attitude is not enough
• Why Visualization is not working
• Dealing with Critics
• How to Enter your own Manifesting Zone
• Why your Hard Work is not paid
• And so much more.....

I'm going to provide you with all the tools, and step-by-step guidance that will propel you at rocket-like speed into the life of your dreams. You will be amazed at the dramatic changes and 'miracles' that will occur in your life once you discover how to apply these secrets!

You really need to attend this seminar/workshop

Venue :    Albert Court Hotel or Bay View Hotel
                 Or Fort Canning Lodge


Timings : 2.00 pm to 6.00 pm

Fee:        $250

Corporate Customers/HR personnel are requested to contact us for special arrangements


A special 10% Discount for groups of more than five participants is available


If you wish you may re-attend the workshop and get 33% discount

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