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  Frequently Asked Questions   

"Q. Basically, what is Vedic Astrology?

A. Astrology is known in the east as the science of light or Jyotisha. Astrology studies the effect that the stars and planets energies or light have on our lives. It has been substantially and scientifically proven that the Sun and Moon affect physical growth in Nature. They and the other stars and planets also influence our thoughts and emotions - our spiritual being - in subtle and invisible ways. Vedic astrology is not based on the star signs of western system common for all those who are born for 30 days continuously.

(Astrology is seen by many as a superstition or at worst a form of divination. Much of this disrepute has actually come from the fast that Western or tropical astrology is based on premises that have now proven to be faulty. Indeed using Western astrology the star signs found in most newspapers are at least one sign out of whack)

The Ascendant will be different for each after 2 hours. Even within that 2 hours also the powers vary. That is why the accurate time of birth and place of birth is important. Another uniqueness of Vedic astrology is that, it has Calculations to find out atomic and sub-atomic level outcome. For twins the difference can be found only at subtle level and it is possible in Vedic Astrology.
Astrology is an important aspect of our existence on this planet. It serves to connect our physical manifestation with our celestial beginnings. I like to think of Astrology as God's Divine plan for each of us.

Astrological charts are based on the date, time and place of birth. The horoscope is a picture of the sky at the moment of your birth. It literally means "view of the hour." By reading the chart, an experienced astrologer can know much about your past, present and future. Astrology is primarily used to understand ourselves, our choices and our destiny this lifetime.

" Q. What is karma?

A. Karma is cause and effect - the basis of science. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. What you have done in the past has affected who you are today, like an investment portfolio. This is true in this lifetime and from one life to the next. Those delayed reactions are called karma. In fact, there are 4 kinds of karma which astrology describes

"Q. Can I change my destiny with free will?

A. Since you created karma with free will, you can also change it. What can't be changed are things like your bone structure, body type, DNA, gender, or who your parents were. So think of the people in your life as messengers delivering your karma - both good and bad. How you react to the message is your use of free will. According to my experience, the Destiny created by you in the past affects to the extent of 67%. It is like a strong wind and has great influence in your life. But your free will, Attitude, Circumstances, Decisions and actions taken right after this birth till date also have influence over you to the extent of 33%. It may be to your advantage or disadvantage. These percentages may vary from individual to individual. This is the reason Astrology cannot predict 100% the outcome as the astrology is based on the data available at the time of birth. But the so called Free will normally succumb to the influence of the Karma unless otherwise used

intelligently by the individual. So there is truth in both Astrology as well as Free Will. If you use the free will with the help of an astrologer to face the challenges posed by Destiny one can improve his life to very great extent. I had met clients whose bad Karma is indicated in the horoscope but never materialized in their horoscope. Upon verification with them, I found out that they were following correct remedial procedures.

Q. Can I ever get out from under karma?

A. Vedic Astrology believes that while our bodies are impermanent, the soul is eternal. The soul reincarnates into another body each lifetime until it achieves liberation. Since karma is coming at us all the time, how we choose to react is either a conscious or unconscious decision. Making conscious choices is a learned skill. What's in your mind can still be changed-that is the secret of self-improvement and spiritual growth. We can decide to learn these skills the hard way or make an educated effort to develop better ways to live a more enlightened life. Clients may decide to continue personal coaching in the areas where I can assist them, or I might refer them to other professionals whose expertise they would benefit from. There are Vedic tools such as Yantra and Mantra to enhance one's life and to protect them from on sought of Negative Karma

Q. Why is Astrology important in my life?

A. Why do we try to predict the weather? If you know what is heading your way, you can act in accordance with nature. Perhaps you can carry an umbrella to protect yourself from rain. Knowing what your karmic patterns are will give you a better understanding of what NEW decisions (free will) you can choose to create success in your life. The goal of Astrologer is not to demolish you psychologically but to prepare you and forewarn you and to take necessary steps in advance. I came across many who do not wish to know the future as they are afraid of the reality. But you cannot run away from the destiny in this way. Face it courageously, use the free will to your advantage, get the correct remedial advice and follow it. More than 50 percent of the clients whom I met are in the wrong jobs not suitable to them spiritually and suffer the stress and strain. But after the remedial correction, they are able to cope up with the job easily without stress.

Q. How often should I get a chart done?

A. Charts are useful when you are experiencing changes in partnerships, births, marriages, health or career. Vedic Astrology also has a great number of techniques which give a predictive edge. For example, the Dashas or "planetary ruling periods"(Bhuktis), Prasanna based on Kochara are a system which gives the Vedic astrologer a tool for predicting the trends, changes and events in your life. Most clients like to have their chart updated yearly, as it gives them the "terrain" of the coming year.

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