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You can Change Your Destiny Up to 80%
Consult Dr. Rajan Sharma personally NOW
Tel 91521253
Powerful Homams are condcted as per client's requirement. For more information... click here
Get Auspicious Time to start important events like starting Business, Buying Property etc

Singapore Astrological Research Centre near Little India
Tel 91521253
“Relationship with the spouse can be improved thro’ Astrological consultation and Remedies”
Indian Vedic Astrology
“Geomancy known as Fengshui is the practical science of making your surroundings suitable for your Successful Life”

Vaasthu Shastra is the root of Geomancy Science and further developed by Chinese as Feng Shui
Dr Sharma
Vedic Astrologer
Tel 91521253
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Astrology Research Centre (Singapore)
You have landed in this site not by coincidence

Not all astrologers are the same and we let you know that our consultation is based on very Advanced Secret Knowledge. We offer Professional Astrological Consultation. Exact root cause of your problems are explained with methods for comprehensive Life improvement. One single consultation with Dr Rajan Sharma may change your future life for better and if you are fortunate you may meet him.
Astrology Research Centre (Singapore)
Your one stop for all Answers Journey from .Why...when...how...from present to Better Future

Blueprint for Business, Profession, Career, Job Love Life and Health
Astrology Research Centre (Singapore)
Span of Success When to consolidate your Finance

Forewarnings or thorough suggestion how the negative influences can be minimized which may not affect adversely

Job Situation - Its positive and negative phases
Major Tough Decision?
Know Your Strengths and be guided to take correct decision. Be Aware of your inherent planetary Weakness and rectify it
Consult now to choose the right education where you or your children have natural strength AND BETTER FUTURE
Birth Chart
Get your Horoscope Prepared (Janam Patri, Kundli Peparation). It is the most essential document for your Life
Speculation – Shares Trading
Astrology can help you to determine your suitability for speculation trade Such as Shares and Forex. Those who are already in this trade can enhance their income tremendously by following our Astrological advice and Remedial Astrology
Increasing Income
Singapore Vedic Astrology can help you thro’ suggested remedies to improve Income prospects

Consult Dr Rajan Sharma, Astrologer Astroogical Research Centre (Singapore)
Change of Job
Indian Astrology can help you find
The Right Time for Changing Job
Successful Life
If your planets are strong your Life is also favorable. Otherwise strengthen your benefic planets artificially and enjoy Life fully
Medical Astrology
Know what is in store for you in the unknown darkness. Be assured that many future illnesses can be prevented. Remedy available for Existing Health Conditions
Choosing Baby Names
Choose the Baby name according to Numerology and provide positive Sound vibration for entire Life
Choose Business Names
Astrological Consultation and Numerology helps you to get the Best Beneficial Name for Successful Ventures
Get your Name changed according to your Date of Birth and enjoy the better vibration for successful Life

Singapore Numerologer Dr Rajan Sharma Tel 91521253

朋友们对中文信息 如何发现行星可能会影响您的生活。 您可以改变您的生活达80%现在请电话91521253

發現行星如何可以影響你的生命。 你可以更改壽命高達80%要求現在電話91521253

भारतीय मित्रों ९ो संदेश आप किस कदर ग्रहों पर कोई असर हो सकता है । आप कॉल अब 80ऽ तक हो सकता है आपके जीवन बदल टेल 91521253

Mesej ke MalayName teman Menemukan bagaimana planet dapat mempengaruhi hidup Anda. Anda boleh mengubah hidup Anda untuk 80% menelepon SEKARANG Tel 91521253

日本の友人へのメッセージ 惑星の生命に影響を与えることができる方法をご紹介します。 変更をあなたの生命を最大80%コールは91521253TELでき

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We are offering Chakra Cleaning, Removing the Blocks, Infusing new energy through Colour and Frequencies and Balancing the Aura

  1. Cleaning your Aura
  2. We remove the blockages in your major seven chakras and Meridan Channel
  3. Infuse energy with appropriate Frequency into your meridian channel
  4. Infuse appropriate colours to your Aura
  5. Balance the chakras
  6. Healing the Chakras with Sound Waves


For Business, Job, Career, Health, Marriage and Love Life
Contact now
Tel 91521253
Guaranteed improvement in your Life up to 80 pct if you follow Astrological advice given by Dr Rajan Sharma of our Astrology Research Centre, Singapore
Miracle creating sacred rare pearls available       Read More
For the most, Migraine can be healed at Planetary Level
Through Remedies. Do not suffer in silence anymore
      Click Here
“Don’t Munch-Eat and Live in problems. Get it solved. Solving your problem is what I do best” Dr Rajan Sharma Indian Astrologer Singapore
Tel 91521253
“Get answers for all questions in your Mind from higher forces”
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Mdm Magesferi     Singapore Tarot Consultant
Tel 92388021
Dr Rajan Sharma
Madam Magesferi
Mr. Ganesh
Mdm Magesh
Dr Rajan     Sharma
Mr Ganesh
Dr Rajan Sharma
Find out whether the horoscope match with your Fiancée’s

Even if does not our Remedies will Help you for long lasting relationship Singapore Indian Astrology is the answer Contact

“I got my dream job in 18 Days after meeting Dr Sharma”


“ My husband was very firm that I should sign divorce paper on the following Day against my wish. After following Dr Sharma’s advice amazingly There is no dispute between both of us anymore and the matter about The divorce is totally dropped by him. I am having happy life for the Past two years”

Ms Lee

“ I wish I explain my experience with Dr Sharma. But due to personal reasons and confidentiality of the matter I have to refrain from writing the details. But the help rendered by Dr Sharma to me during my worst period in life cannot be Put in words”

Mr Teo

“ Dr Sharma is probably the Best Astrologer in Singapore and I would Recommend him to anybody anytime”

Mr TH Wong

“ I was having relationship problem with my Mother for years. Surprisingly On the third day after meeting Dr Sharma and following his remedial advice My mother called me from overseas and established new happy relationship again


“ My 5 years old Migraine stopped in about two months time after following . Dr Sharma’s advice”


“I am a foreigner married to Singaporean. I was expecting divorce in two weeks time It never happened. Thanks to Dr Sharma. His remedial advice is great and it is working

Ms Li

I am from India and I am always skeptical about Astrology. My daughter who is married here and living in Singapore was having problem with her husband and it was serious.

I believed whatever she said. Later after meeting Dr Sharma I realized that she is having hallucinations and mental disorder While I was in Singapore due to her violent behaviour she was arrested in airport and sent to mental hospital. Her marriage was on the rocks. Afterall my son-in law was not at fault. She was discharged after two weeks. I followed Dr Sharma’s advice and she is perfectly ok now and no more attacks of hallucinations in the last two years. She is still living with her husband without any problem.


“I have overall improvements in my Life. I am more Calm. My business is doing well and consolidated now.


“ I thought I would loose my Job and the House due to the problem in the trading done in the working place. But instead I got promotion in the job and is still in the job for more than 3 years


Migraine Related Testimonials
  • My Migraine stopped within 24 hours – Tamarai
  • My Migraine stopped within one Day - Ms Seeva
  • My Migraine stopped within two months – Malavika
  • My Migraine stopped within one Month - Peter Tan
Dosha means inherent defective structure in your life. There are many such as PUTRA DOSHA, MANGALYA DOSHA KALASTRA DOSHA, NAGA DOSHA etc. Following proper remedies one can escape from the bad impact.
For rectifying such problem contact
Dr Rajan Sharma at
Tel 91521253
Now Singapore and other International clients in Australia, Canada, UK and USA can consult Dr Sharma, through Video.
Consultation will be in English only at appointed date and time. For more details visit Video Consultation
Vedic Astrology - Astrology Research Centre (Singapore)
Vedic Astrology is a very unique and ancient holistic system of sacred prediction offering sanctum when you are in troubled water. What ever place you may be from seek the guidance from us today
Indian Astrology Research Centre(Singapore)
Tel 91521253
#01-10 Albert Court Hotel, 180 Albert Street, Singapore (Next to Sim Lim Square)
Near Little India
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    Astronomy As Relevant To Astrology                                                             Use Astrology To Manipulate Your Boss

Dr. Rajan Sharma Tel 91521253 / 92388021
Email: brainway@singnet.com.sg
#01-10 Albert Court Hotel, 180 Albert Street, (Selegie-Rochor Canal Junction) Singapore
Prior Appointment is a must. Require your Date of Birth/Time of Birth/Place of Birth
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