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The vehicles are essential part of our life. But we are disturbing the nature's harmony and energy vibrations by using the vehicles and the speed of the vehicle creates disharmony at etheric atmosphere and dense concentrated negative energy accumulates and hovering over the affected areas. These are the spots, accidents waiting to happen. Certain places automatically cleared of the negative energy in short time. But some of the spots are deadly

When there is concentrated energy confusion, at any one spot, that particular spot is vulnerable for accidents. One can notice accidents happen at certain spots again and again.

Highways are more susceptible as the speed of the vehicles is very high over there part from sound and other atmospheric pollutions .

Here is alarming statistics


According to a Traffic Report by the WHO, roadaccidents kill more than 1.2 million people annually, and around fifty million people get injured or disabled

  1. Accident due to Energy confusion - The unexpected accidents without the fault on the part of the Driver
  2. Accident due to Attention deficit - When the driver is not paying enough attention to the details of road condition, road traffic, signals etc., or due to talking to co-passengers, Drunken driving, lack of concentration etc
Is there any way to prevent the accidents due to Energy confusion?

Yes. Thanks to India's esoteric science. There is a powerful Talisman-Yantra. This talisman-Yantra is a spiritual product, capable of quickly clear the Energy confusion on the road within blink of moment.

It is an amazing Talisman-Yantra packed with power and does it's job i.e to protect you during your journey, efficiently. I am also an astrologer of repute and many of my clients are using it for years and never reported a single accident since then.

Accident Preventing Talisman-Yantra
Colours may vary with the actual shipment
This Talisman-Yantra has been spiritually energized before shipment.

Is it religious oriented?


Not at all. In India wise Rishis (Then scientists) used higher science to know things through their meditation and found solutions also for many problems.  The welfare of the communities were their motive and not anything else. This is spiritual oriented and not religious.


What to do with the Accident Prevention Talisman?


Just keep it in your vehicle's Dash Board. The sacred geometry on the talisman and the infused Sound Waves (Mantras) will help the driver to prevent the accidents due to energy confusion. We are spending big amount in owning the Cars, Scooters and Motor Bikes and spending big amount on Taxes. Many spend big chunk of money also for prayers before using the vehicles for the same purpose i.e preventing damages due to accidents. We are also spending every year for Insurance premium to protect the vehicle expenses and to recover the medical expenses incurred for the driver. This talisman serves many of your intentions effectively for almost the same purposes

This Talisman-Yantra used to protect one from accident or any other mishaps on the road. Everyone must use this Talisman in their vehicles.

This Energized Talisman protects one from injury or other mis-happenings, misfortune, accidents especially those related to vehicles and it insures safety during journeys. The Sound Waves(Mantra's) mystical energy (that is what this Talisman- Yantra has) will create the environment around user and acts as a shield to protect and save the user from any such misfortunes, and ensures his own, his family's and his belonging's safety during journeys.

You can establish the yantra in your vehicles or you can keep it in your pocket, when you are driving or alternatively, you can use the Talisman-yantra Dash board of your vehicle

Where to get the Talisman-Yantra?

You can buy in person. You may also place order through Email and pay through Paypal. International orders are accepted. All shipments will be made by registered Airmail.

#01-10 Albert Court Hotel and Mall
180 Albert Street
Singapore 189971
Tel 65-91521253 / 65-64439489
Email: brainway@singnet.com.sg

What is your profile?


Brainwave Projects is a registered company in Singapore and is practicing good and trust worthy business since 1997.  We are in online business since the year 2000. We are Paypal verified and a member with paypal since 1998.


What is the Cost?

USD57 (Inclusive of Shipping by Registered Post) each.

SGD80 (Singapore Dollars Eighty for local purchases in Singapore)


How to pay


Payment by credit cards thro PAYPAL.  If the order is placed by email, payment request will be sent thro Paypal.  Once the payment is effected, the shipment will start

Singaporeans can pay Cash/NETS/CREDIT CARDS in person and collect the Yantra

How long the shipment will take place?


Shipment by registered post will be done within 48 hours of receipt of order and payment.

Your name:
Your Email:
Your Telephone:      
Your Address:

I am interested in buying the ACCIDENT PREVENTION TALISMAN.  Please send me payment request through PAYPAL to my email address:


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If you don’t want to be in the following situations:-

Dr. Rajan Sharma Tel 91521253 / 92388021
Email: brainway@singnet.com.sg
#01-10 Albert Court Hotel, 180 Albert Street, (Selegie-Rochor Canal Junction) Singapore
Prior Appointment is a must. Require your Date of Birth/Time of Birth/Place of Birth
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