Mantra with Brainwaves
World's First Brainwave Technology coupled with known Powerful Mantras
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Company Profile

Brainwave Projects is a Singapore registered firm since the year 1997. We are the only manufacturers of Brainwave CDs in Asia.

Worlds' First

We are proud to be the first and only manufacturers of Brainwave-Mantra CDs in the world We are the manufacturers of special Mantra CDs. We are using very powerful Mantras recited by Vedic Scholars. The Mantras are recorded in proper Divine ambience and while chanting importance is given for correct pronunciation. Our Mantras recorded with research based Brainwave neurotransmission technology.


Individual Recording

Careful Pronunciation

Does it contain Brainwaves

Mantra Sounds

State of Mind while Listening

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Carried to the Mind

Altered State (Theta)

Vedic Scholars

Our Mantra CDs are doubly beneficial. First of all it has First layer of Brainwaves. These waves will help the listeners to go into Altered State of Consciousness (Meditative State) within minutes.

Secondly these waves carry the sound waves of Mantras recorded in the second layer to listener's to deep level of meditative state. The real benefit is achieved by these mantra waves as they trigger the meridian channels in listeners' mind while the mind is at the most relaxed state.
Instruction for Users
While listening must sit on Carpet or Sofa in a quiet place in a relaxed way. Should not listen while driving as the CD will create meditative state of relaxation and slight drowsiness

Many titles are available for various purposes with
Brainwaves like Anti-Aging, Memory Power, Maximum IQ,
Self Assertiveness, Creativity, Courage etc

1. Navagraha Stotram as Navagraha remedy (With Brainwaves) Price S$35  
Consistent listening is recommended for about 20 Minutes a day to get rid of Debilitated planetary effect (Neecham), Malefic effect (Doshas) of malefic Planets Kaala Sarpa Dosham, Sarpa Dosham, Pithru Dosham, Mangalya Dosham, Chevvai Dosham, Puthra Dosham, Pissasa Dosham, Boomi Dosham , Kalasthra Dosham, Planetary defects in the horoscope, Ragu /Kethu Effects, Sani Dosham and to enhance the power of beneficial planets.

2. Mahalakshmi Stotram for Financial Prosperity (With Brainwaves) Price S$35  
Regular listening for about 30 minutes is required to improve the financial Situation.
3. Hayagreeva Stotram for improving education (With Brainwaves) Price S$35  
Regular listening for about 30 minutes is required to improve the financial Situation.
4. Gayathri Mantram for Meditation, Karmic Clearance (With Brainwaves) Price S$35  
Gayathri Mantra is the very powerful mantra for various purposes including Enlightenment. 15 Minutes Listening is recommended.
5. OM Nama Shivaya Mantra - Meditation (With Brainwaves) Price S$35  
This great five Syllable Mantra is very powerful for Meditation and Enlightenment 15 Minutes a day Listening is recommended.
6. Ganesha Mantram - For removal of Obstacles (With Brainwaves) Price S$35  
Listen for about 15 minutes.
7. Sudharshna Mantram - For Winning Enemies (With Brainwaves) Price S$35  
For removing the Black Magic Effect/ for removing past Karma and to win the Enemies. Recommended to listen for about 15 minutes.
8. Maha Mirtunju Mantram - Recovery from Illness (With Brainwaves) Price S$35  
Suitable for recovery from severe sickness, to attain Moksha, and for Peaceful death and to destroy Karma . Recommended to listen for about 15 minutes


The power of Mantra is absorbed by the Brain and distributed to the Body, Mind and Soul and bring about the changes required at meditative state. The power of prayer itself is depending upon how deep you are able to penetrate into your mind. The penetration is possible only when your mind is calm, relaxed and at deep state. The brainwaves assures such meditative level within minutes of listening to the CD without any efforts on the part of the Listeners. Afterwards Mantras start working with it's own power. It is believed that the mantras properly pronounced triggers sound waves and in turn triggers selective Meridian Channels out of 72000 channels in our body and mind system. Many people have vouched the power of Mantras by consistent chanting. The advantage of this CD is that even without your chanting, the sound waves of the Mantras reach the deep level and endow the required benefits.

We also cater to your individual needs with various Mantras and Brainwave CDs. Orders may be placed via Email or over phone. Payment is accepted by credit card thru' PAYPAL".

1. Home Delivery is available within Singapore and local courier/postal charges is payable by

2. Our Retail shop in Singapore

    Prince Crystal and Jewellery
    #01-10 Albert Court Hotel
    180 Albert Street
    Tel: 91521253 / 92388021/63340525/62602274/64439489


3. Orders from foreign countries will be shipped via courier service and the courier
    Charges/Speed Post charges are payable by buyers.

4. Payment can be accepted by Remittance to our Account

    Brainwave Projects, OCBC A/c No 520-100959-001


We have many titles to fulfill your Life's ambitions and requirements.

Remember our CDs are not normal CDs. They bring you Brainwaves to take you on journey to Altered State of Consciousness

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Dr. Rajan Sharma Tel 91521253 / 92388021
#01-10 Albert Court Hotel, 180 Albert Street, (Selegie-Rochor Canal Junction) Singapore
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