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NavaGragha (Nine Astrological Planets)
Prayer arrangement in India by Singapore Astrologer Dr Rajan Sharma
Get the blessings of the Nine Planetary Deities by
joining the Prayers-Poojas in the nine temples in India without Tedious travel and expenses
Navagraghams (9 Planets)
Navagraghams play great role to mould our lives. There are friendly planets but weak. There are malefic planets both weak and strong. Even the friendly planets can send weak energy rays and we do not get good results in life because of this. As the planets are ever rotating and changing positions, it is always better to invoke their favourable energies-Rays towards us to get the benefits.

Ancient Siddhas identified Planetary Energy radiating Centers
Sage Agastiyar
The great Holy Siddhas and Rishis identified many powerful energy radiating centers and among them there are nine PLANETARY ENERGY VORTEX CENTERS in India. As not everybody can visit these temples frequently and get the energy vortex, for the benefit of all and particularly Singaporeans we have arranged to have appropriate prayers done at these centers -temples, frequently about three or four times a year. (The details about these temples are given below). Individual Archanas/ Sahasranamas/Poojas /Abishegams are regularly arranged by us in these temples for those who wish to join for this systematic procedure and our representative will act as Proxy on your behalf

As we have overwhelming responses from people. Please submit your form quickly or you can meet us in person to join and submit your details. We are at

#01-10 ALBERT COURT HOTEL, 180 ALBERT STREET, SINGAPORE (Near Little India MRT)Tel 91521253.

Please call us before come in person. Last date for enrolment is 30-06-2010

Current enrollment is for Prayer in July 2010

Improve your life’s prosperity and get rid of your problems

Regular participation will help you to ward off negative effects in your life and enhance the positive effects to great extent. As these temples are always busy it is difficult to get slots for our prayers and our representative will arrange the date and time according to availability. Separate poojas will be conducted at each of these temples on behalf of theRegistered clients who join.

The Poojas could be Archana, and or Abishegam and or Sahasranama as possible. During such poojas, Flower garlands, Dhoop, Deep, Prasadams will be offered to the deities. Our representative will do the sankalpa (Vow) on your behalf. Anna Dhana for the poor people, also will be arranged after the pooja

Prayers without your presence
Pooja by Proxy in absence is as effective as your personal presence. This is as good as your visiting these temples personally without travelling expenses.

Minimum Archanas will be done for each members' Nakshatra(Star) and Rasi (Astrological Sign) will be used along with the name during the prayer Sankalpam(Vow) and the Sankalpa will be for, Prosperity, Longevity, Health, Peace, Happiness. (Dhanam, Dhanyam, Labam, Jayam, Ayul, Arogiyam, etc). It is suggested at least once in 3 months or 6 months to join these poojas. We will try our best to include Sahasranama Archana, Abishegam etc as far as possible within these charges but unable to guarantee the same.

The Fee is SGD145 per person for 9 poojas and payable in cash/NETS/Credit Cards at our shop in Singapore or thro Credit card thro Paypal

Why the prayers at these 9 temples
All temples are powerful.  One can conduct prayers there.  But certain temples are really powerful, because these temples are the witness of many miracles in many yugas (Eon of Ages).  In these temples incidences have happened and the dharshan of great Lord Shiva was given to even ordinary devotees, with a promise to help those, who pays tributes here.  Moreover all these temples were visited by great spiritual people like, Appar, Manikavasakar, Thiru Gnasambandar and by so many other rishis and sages. These nine temples carry enormous vortex energies to help the devotees
  1. It is believed by millions of people, that, prayer in these temples bestows blessings from the planets
  2. You can avoid the tedious travel and thousands of dollars in expenses
  3. The negative effect from the enemy planets can be mitigated
  4. The positive Planetary energy effect is enhanced.
  5. Comparing to prayers in other temples, prayer in these temples are thousands of times more powerful
Navagraha Stala Pooja Package - 9 temples
(Planetary Energy Vortex Radiating Centres)
The cost is per person and SGD15 per deity x 9
Pooja Cost SGD 145.00 *
  1. Suriyan Temple
  2. Chandran Temple
  3. Vaithiswarankoil
  4. Budhan Temple
  5. Guru Temple
  6. Sukiran Temple
  7. Sanneswaran Temple
  8. Raaghu Temple
  9. Kethu Temple
More details.              
Perform pooja at
Navagraha Temples
SGD 145.00 = USD90

We offer Navagragha Pooja at 9 temples, Navagragha Homam, Sudharshan Homams,Navagragha Homam, Rudra Homam ,Ayush Homam, Mirtunjaya Homam, Gubera Homam, Lakshmi Homam, Sri shukta Homam,Dhanvanthri Homam, Vedic Astrological Services for Singapore clients and International Clients.

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Many clients from many countries including Australia, US, Malaysia, Canada, Germany, Russia, Singapore, Japan Middle East utilized our unique e-prayer services and benefitted. Genuine poojas and prayers are conducted in these sthalas on behalf of the members as per their request. The payment through Paypal is fully secured by Paypal gateway an Ebay organization

Dr. Rajan Sharma Tel 91521253 / 92388021
Email: brainway@singnet.com.sg
#01-10 Albert Court Hotel, 180 Albert Street, (Selegie-Rochor Canal Junction) Singapore
Prior Appointment is a must. Require your Date of Birth/Time of Birth/Place of Birth
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